Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates Product Range By GUJCHEM

The vision of Gujrat Chemicals is to produce high quality products. We offers natural and synthetic alcohol ethoxylates both. We produce products from 1 EO mole to 100 moles as per requirement. Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates have various applications. It is widely used in Textile Lubrication, Textile Scouring, Textile Dyeing and Finishing, household surfactants, agriculture.

Have a look on our standard range of Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates.

Product Name Based On
GUJCHEM LA series C12-14 alcohol ethoxylate (Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM LE series C12 alcohol ethoxylate (Lauryl alcohol -98 % ) (Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM LSA series C12-18 alcohol ethoxylate (Lauryl Stearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM LOA series C12-15 alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM LTA series C12-13 alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM DA series C10 Alcohol ethoxylate (Decyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM TA series Tridecanol, a synthetic branched chain C13 Alcohol (Tridecyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM ODA series C8-10 alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM NUA series C9-11 alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM UDA series C11 alcohol ethoxylate (undecyl alcohol)
GUJCHEM UMOA series C11-14-15 alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM MOA series C14-15 alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM MA series C14 Alcohol ethoxylate (Myristyl Alcohol)
GUJCHEM CSA series C16-18 Alcohol ethoxylate (Cetostearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate – Cetreth)
GUJCHEM CA series C16 alcohol ethoxylate (Cetyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM SA series C18 alcohol ethoxylate (Stearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM SBA series C18-22 F alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM BA series C22 alcohol ethoxylate (Behenyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM OA series Oleyl Alcohol ethoxylate (Oleyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM OCA series Oleylcetyl Alcohol ethoxylate (Oleyl Cetyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM OCCA series Oleylcetyl Alcohol ethoxylate (80/85)

Conclusion: GujChem has various ranges of Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates like Decyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Cetostearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate – Cetreth, Tridecyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Cetyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Stearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Behenyl Alcohol Ethoxylate and Oleyl Alcohol Ethoxylate.


Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates and Its Applications

lauryl alcohol ethoxylateFatty Alcohol Ethoxylate is a clear substance in states of liquid and its based on the components of Fatty Alcohol (FA) from the oleochemical chain and Ethylene Oxide (EO) from the petrochemical chain. The main purpose of Gujarat Chemicals is to produce high quality and pure Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates. GujChem offers products from 1 EO mole to 100 moles as per requirements of customer. Furthermore we provide products can be adjusted to a more specific customer’s requirements.

Applications of Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate


Textile Lubrication:

Since the scouring operation expels the fats present in the initial material, materials must be included back which will serve as oils, conditioners, and anti static for the cording, spinning, and weaving operation, vegetable oil and/or Mineral oil are regularly utilized as oils.

Textile Scouring:

In the material scouring operation for both normal and synthetic fibers, non-ionic in view of alcohols have assumed an essential part.

Wool scouring, cotton kier bubbling off of viscose, and soaping-off are case of a portion of the sorts of scouring operations. The polyoxyethylene alcohols are ordinarily utilized as a part of the 0.1 to 1.0 % concentration range in addition to a few polyphosphates, silicates, or other soluble base. By utilization of the non-ionic, the scouring time is diminished and soap “curds” are killed.

Textile Dyeing and Finishing:

The biggest surfactant-consuming action in cotton preparing is the coloring and completing step. Polyoxyethylene alcohol assume a vital part in this procedure, owning to their activity as enters, wetting operator, and coloring associates. The method of activity of coloring help appears to include the agglomeration of dyestuff particles into micelles, and polyoxyethylene alcohol server well in this limit.


The biggest outlet for the polyoxyethylene alcohols later on will be in the formulation of cleaner’s, house hold and industrial use. They can be exacerbated as fluid, powders, glues, or bras relying on the particular application. clothing detergent formulation, automated dishwashing-machine cleanser, hand washing formulation, strong hard –surface(dry powder) formulation, wax –stripper and floor-cleaner (liquid)formulation and water less hand cleaner formulation.


NONIONICS are incredible emulsifiers for farming showers since they don’t get affected by hard water and changes in pH. The general sorts of agricultural showers are the “ready-to-emulsify” hydrocarbon solutions of different plant toxicants and insecticides, for example, DDT, CHLORDANE, PARATHION, TOXAPHENE, 2, 4, 5-T and 2, 4-D esters. Splashes of this type are sold as emulsifiable concentrates and are typically diluted with water at the time of utilization. The hydrocarbon is used to dilute the toxicant to safe quality or to keep the material in fluid structure. Polyoxyethylene alcohols are extremely valuable in this application.


Polyoxyethylene alcohol finds various utilization in the paper business. Likewise polyoxyethylene alcohol is utilized as a part of pulping of old paper, and also in the dinking of old newsprint.


Typically, leather experiences four essential preparing operations-degreasing, tanning, fat-liquoring and wrapping up. In every operation the utilization of a surfactant, especially the polyoxyethylene alcohol is useful.


Polyoxyethylene alcohols are great stabilizers for elastic latex amid the compound operations.


Polyoxyethylene alcohol finds various utilization in the production of cosmetics crude material. For example, in shampoos, skin compatibility, skin chemicals, ordinary flora, antibacterial wash item, most sodium lauryl ether sulfate, Different sorts of emulsifying waxes and so on.


The utilization of wetting agents and emulsifiers in the emulsion polymerization of base cross sections is surely understood. The decision of a specific surfactant relies on upon the specific monomer being responded and the properties wanted in the last emulsion. Polyoxyethylene alcohols and also other non ionic are predominant emulsifiers because of their resistance for hard water.

In paint-figuring operations, balanced out latex emulsions are at times subject to coagulation with extreme fomentation or processing.

Conclusion: Gujarat Chemicals has different ranges of Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates like Cetostearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate – Cetreth, Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Tridecyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Stearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Decyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Oleyl Alcohol Ethoxylate and Behenyl Alcohol Ethoxylate.

Check out the standard GUJCHEM range of Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate.

Phenoxyethanol– Protectol ® PE by BASF

phenoxyethanol (eph) Protectol ® PE (CAS # 122-99-6), frequently referred to as Glycol Ether EPH, is a natural chemical substance that is a sluggish evaporating glycol ether being offered by BASF. It has high polymer solvency and also excellent integrating capabilities.

Because of the one-of-a-kind BASF manufacturing process, which results in a product with high purity, quite low smell, boosted stability and little to no color, it is a quite first class grade of phenoxyethanol.

phenoxyethanol (eph) can be readily incorporated right into a range of various formulations due to its solubility capacities. It likewise has superb solvent homes and also can be used to solubilise a variety of raw materials and active ingredients such as 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol (Protectol DA).

Protectol ® PE has modest task versus a broad array of microorganisms. Consequently, it is typically being utilized in combination with other active components as well as can also be utilized to enhance the activity of other antimicrobials.

A glycol ether is usually made use of in dermatological products such as skin lotions as well as sunscreen. It is an anemic oily fluid made use of in many applications such as cosmetics, vaccines, as well as drugs as a chemical.

phenoxyethanol (eph) Protectol ® PE is likewise used as a fixative for perfumes, a bug spray, a topical antibacterial, a solvent for cellulose acetate, some dyes, inks, and also resins, in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and also in natural synthesis.

Protectol ® PE is provided as a component for numerous vaccines by the United States Center for Disease Control.

Article Source: Gujarat Chemicals.


Nonylphenol ethoxylate of consistently high quality, and low colour and odour


Nonylphenol (NP) and Nonylphenol Ethoxylate (NPE) are the most generally utilized individuals from the bigger alkylphenol and alkylphenol ethoxylate group of non-ionic surfactants. They are delivered in vast volumes, with utilizations that prompt broad discharge to the amphibian environment.

NP is steady in the amphibian environment, respectably bioaccumulative, and to a great degree lethal to oceanic life forms. NP’s principle use is in the assembling of NPEs. NPEs are utilized as a part of a wide assortment of modern applications and buyer items. NPEs, however less poisonous than NP, are additionally exceedingly lethal to sea-going living beings, and in nature corrupt to all the more ecologically industrious NP. NP has likewise been recognized in human bosom milk, blood, and pee and is connected with conceptive and formative impacts in fish.

Nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE) are surfactants that have been in trade for more than 50 years. Items containing NPEs are utilized as a part of numerous segments, including material preparing, mash and paper handling, paints, pitches and defensive coatings, oil and gas recuperation, steel fabricating, nuisance control items and force era. An assortment of cleaning items, degreasers and cleansers are likewise accessible for institutional and local use. These items have various applications, including controlling stores on apparatus, cleaning gear, and scouring filaments; as wetting and de-wetting operators; in coloring and machine felt cleaning and molding; and in item wrapping up. NPEs have likewise been utilized as a part of an extensive variety of shopper items, including beautifying agents, cleaners, and paints.

Nonylphenols are a group of firmly related natural mixes called alkylphenols. They are utilized as a part of assembling cell reinforcements, greasing up oil added substances, clothing and dish cleansers, emulsifiers, and solubilizers. These mixes are additionally forerunners to the industrially critical non-ionic surfactants alkylphenol ethoxylates and nonylphenol ethoxylate, which are utilized as a part of cleansers, paints, pesticides, individual consideration items, and plastics. Nonylphenol has pulled in consideration because of its pervasiveness in nature and its potential part as an endocrine disruptor and xenoestrogen, because of its capacity to act with estrogen-like movement.

Nonylphenol emerges from the ecological corruption of nonylphenol ethoxylates, which are the metabolites of business cleansers called alkylphenol ethoxylates. NPEs are a reasonable to light orange shading fluid. Nonylphenol ethoxylate are nonionic in water, which implies that they have no charge. On account of this property they are utilized as cleansers, cleaners, emulsifiers, and an assortment of different applications. They are amphipathic, which means they have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, which permits them to encompass non-polar substances like oil and oil, disengaging them from water.

Conclusion :-

Gujarat Chemical manufactures a variety of Nonylphenol ethoxylates of consistently high quality, and low colour and odour. For more details, visit at below link. [http://gujchem.com/products-groups/alkyl-phenoal-ethoxylate-alkyl-cardenol.html]

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Polyethylene Glycol For Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics

Paintball is an extremely well known open air brandishing action where players go up against each other on a war zone and shoot by utilizing particular weapons that convey a ball-molded pellet loaded with paint to its sought target. What you won’t not know is that there are two or three chemicals that are utilized for creating the paintballs. Albeit the greater part of the paintballs are marked as nontoxic, a percentage of the utilized fixings can have separated unfavorable responses in creatures on the off chance that they are ingested.

The pellets that are utilized to hold the paint and that give the state of the paintball are made out of a blend of Gelatin and Polyethylene Glycol. A significant number of you don’t have a clue about the way that different paintball makers make these pellets similarly or fundamentally the same, that medication organizations use to make prescription containers. The Polyethylene Glycol can have a diuretic impact on a few creatures on the off chance that it is ingested and can bring about PH levels in the blood to wind up harmful.

Here is some intriguing data about the fixings that are utilized for assembling paintballs: Propylene Glycol is rapidly and effortlessly consumed by cells. This compound is the principle explanation behind the dreadful taste, which is extremely “prevalent”. Sorbitol is Polyethylene Glycol is utilized for keeping the blend fluid from drying out. Both these mixes are non-dangerous and water solvent, so you don’t have to stress over stains on your skin or hair from paintballs. They can without much of a stretch be wiped off with heated water and cleanser.

Polyethylene Glycol is frequently abbreviated to PEG. It is utilized to break up oil and oil. While this compound is typically found in shower on broiler cleaners, you ought to likewise realize that it can likewise be found in numerous hair care and healthy skin items. In individual consideration items, it is additionally utilized as a thickener. In any case, when this concoction achieves your skin, they strip the characteristic dampness from your skin, leaving your skin and your invulnerable framework defenseless. It is additionally conceivable that PEG can bring about growth.

The thickening operators Propylene Glycol and Polyethylene Glycol, which are regularly found in these items, are likewise found in brake fluids, radiator fluid arrangements and broiler cleaners. Another peril is with hair colors. Numerous studies by the FDA and the American Cancer Society demonstrate that individuals who use hair colors consistently are four times as prone to create tumor as the individuals who don’t.

Polyethylene Glycol are natural alcohol utilized as a part of individual consideration items, for example, make-up, antiperspirants, hair-care items, post-shaving astringent moisturizers and toothpaste to balance out aroma recipes and draw in dampness.Propylene Glycol and Polyethylene Glycol are additionally modernly (and in the same structures) utilized as a part of radiator fluid, broiler cleaners, brake/water driven liquid and plane de-icers.

Conclusion :-

If you get more information about Polyethylene Glycol from our website [www.gujchem.com]

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Lauryl alcohol ethoxylate – gujchem

Sodium laureth sulfate is likewise called sodium lauryl ether sulfate, (SLES). It’s a cheap frothing operators got from lauryl alcohol ethoxylate. It’s found in numerous restorative and individual consideration items including: cleansers, shampoos, toothpastes, shaving creams, mouthwashes, bubble shower, cleansers, body wash, dish cleanser, mascara, salves, sun cream, floor covering cleaner, stain removers, and so on.. This compound displays fundamentally the same qualities as sodium lauryl sulfate, (SLS). One contrast between the two is SLES is higher frothing yet to some degree weaker than SLS. There is much discussion with respect to the wellbeing of this compound.

Establishments commonly cause what is called “corrective skin break out”, which is essentially little pimples that happen discontinuously. Numerous ladies in their twenties through their fifties experience the ill effects of this corrective skin break out and it is essentially the consequence of fixings in the establishment that are acnegenic. On the off chance that you have this issue, ensure you search for an establishment that doesn’t contain the accompanying fixings: Butyl stearate, Cocoa spread, Corn oil, Isopropyl myristate, lauryl alcohol ethoxylate, Linseed oil, margarine, Methyl oleate, Mineral oil, Oleic corrosive, Olive oil, Peanut oil, Petrolatum, Safflower oil, Sesame oil or Stearic guide.

As opposed to silicone based chemicals, Nectar Of The Gods is made out of coconut oil subsidiaries that restore well being from inside and create characteristic sparkle and smoothness. One such fixing is Lauryl Myristyl. It is the polyethylene glycol ether of lauryl alcohol ethoxylate, the chief alcohol of coconut oil. It’s adjusted to give it an enhanced water weakening trademark. It is utilized as an emollient and emulsifier. Of the six noteworthy fixings, half of them are gotten from coconut oil. The other three are gotten from regular unsaturated fats which are demonstrated advantageous in hair molding and renewing.

The last issue is cleaning an excessive amount of or too hard with grating fabrics and towels. This is likewise something that spreads skin inflammation all through your skin layers and makes it compound. One approach to understand this is to delicately wash down your face, neck, back, and midsection with your hands. Try not to continue rubbing hard over the skin break out on the grounds that this won’t help. Additionally remember bunches of cosmetics in the skin can bring about obstructed pores and sleek items. This can be stayed away from the length of you rinse the cosmetics off delicately consistently. Attempt to abstain from anything with lanolin, petrolatum, vegetable oils, butyl stearate, lauryl alcohol ethoxylate, and oleic corrosive.

Avoid substantial utilization of corrective items or in any event deliberately investigate the items you are purchasing. Utilizing oily healthy skin items, sleek beauty care products and certain creams, establishment and greases might irritate skin break out. Keep an eye out for lanolin, petrolatum, vegetable oils, butyl stearate, lauryl alcohol ethoxylate and oleic corrosive.

For more details visit our website http://www.gujchem.com/

Fatty alcohol ethoxylates – Gujchem

It is a surfactant operators for the most part taken from coconuts and is known not less aggravating to skin than different surfactants. In any case, some lab tests have demonstrated that fatty alcohol ethoxylates mixes are every now and again polluted with 1,4-dioxane which is a cancer-causing.

The third gathering of “concealed cancer-causing agents” is spoken to for the most part by fixings containing fatty alcohol ethoxylates surfactants or cleansers (like polysorbates or lauretis) which are polluted amid the assembling process with unstable 1,4 (dioxane).

That being the situation, clients ought to keep away from beauty care products containing fatty alcohol ethoxylates. These chemicals contain fixings with the words (or prefixes) PEG, Polyethylene, Polyoxyethylene, – eth (like Sodium Laureth Sulfate).

Alcohols: ethanol, ethyl alcohol, methanol, benzyl alcohol, fatty alcohol ethoxylates and SD alcohol – Very drying and aggravating for the skin. Alcohols strip away the skin’s characteristic corrosive mantle, making you more helpless against microorganisms, molds and infections. May advance chestnut spots and untimely maturing of skin. (Note: We do use stearyl and cetearyl alcohol, which are waxes and have nothing in a similar manner as the alcohols recorded previously.)

Fatty alcohol ethoxylates: This is a drying specialists utilized as a part of numerous corrective items. At the point when utilized straightforwardly on skin it takes off the furthest defensive layer, presenting the body to microbes, parasite, molds, and different poisons. It is gotten from petroleum and might advance cocoa spots or untimely maturing.

Alcohols: ethanol, ethyl alcohol, methanol, fatty alcohol ethoxylates, isopropyl alcohol and SD alcohol – Very drying and disturbing for the skin. Alcohols strip away the skin’s common corrosive mantle, making you more defenseless against microscopic organisms, molds and infections.

A fatty alcohol ethoxylates for the most part shows low great fats in the blood and high terrible fats; consistent fructose consumers or eaters have the same blood profile. fatty alcohol ethoxylates is not metabolized in the body the same as a starch, it is metabolized as an oil. Fructose is not metabolized in the body like a sugar, it is metabolized as an oil. A pop gut is indistinguishable to a brew midsection. In a one sense, fructose is the strong type of alcohol, yet with a much slower movement of inebriation, or harming.

Conclusion :-

if you want more info about fatty alcohol ethoxylates visit his site [gujchem.com] form Surat, Gujrat.

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