Fatty Amine Ethoxylates And It’s Applications

tallow amine ethoxylateGujarat Chemicals produces fatty amine ethoxylates from 2-30 Moles EO. GujChem have variety of Fatty Amine Ethoxylates like Stearyl Amine Ethoxylate, Oleyl Amine Ethoxylate, Tallow Amine Ethoxylate and Coco Amine Ethoxylate.

Fatty amine ethoxylates are nonionic surfactants. Mostly used as wetting and scattering agents, stabilizers, sanitizers and defoaming operators in different industries like paper, chemical, textile, paint, drilling metal and many. The fatty amine ethoxylates are utilized as emulsifiers and can likewise be utilized in formulation of emulsifier mixes. They are a important factor as cleaners in industrial processes, emulsifiers in agrochemical industries particularly in metal industry, oil field chemicals, cleansing agents.

Formulation of Fatty Amine Ethoxylates

Formulation of fatty amine ethoxylate products happens when the amines like tallow amines, amino acids, oleyl amine, stearyl amines and coco amine are made to react with ethylene oxide in presence of catalyst in ethoxylation process. Fatty amines are nitrogen derivatives of unsaturated fats, olefins, or alcohols arranged from regular sources, fats and oils, or petrochemical crude materials. The industrially accessible fatty amines are set up by either refining of fatty acids or when fatty alcohols are reacted with ammonia or primary, secondary amines.

Below is the standard GUJCHEM range of Fatty Amine Ethoxylates

Product Based On
GujChem TAA series Tallow Amine Ethoxylate
GujChem SAA series Stearyl Amine Ethoxylate
GujChem CAA series Coco Amine Ethoxylate
GujChem OAA series Oleyl Amine Ethoxylate
GujChem TDAA series Tallow Di Amine Ethoxylate

Fatty Amine Ethoxylate have many applications as emulsifier for pesticide, textile dyeing chemicals, textile softener, thickener for HCL and phosphoric acid based systems.

Conclusion: GujChem provides high quality of fatty amine ethoxylates as per customer requirements. Produce various products such as Tallow Amine Ethoxylate, Coco Amine Ethoxylate, Oleyl Amine Ethoxylate and Tallow Di Amine Ethoxylate.


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