Interesting Points You Should Know About Self Emulsifying Wax

self emulsifying wax

In most of the chemical industries, Mostly they tend to produce high volume chemicals for more profit. But there are certain types of miscellaneous products also produced by certain chemical companies for the welfare of mankind. This kind of interesting product if we can consider it –

Self Emulsifying Wax

If we try to define Self emulsifying wax, It is nothing but the cosmetic component that can be conformed by National Formulatory. This wax is also known as Polawax and it can be available in variety of Non-Ionic and Anionic range in various industries.

There is a particular process to make Self Emulsifying Wax in industry, It is normally produced with the combination of Wax and detergent mixture. In which, wax is either a vegetable or a petroleum-based wax and detergent is typically sodium dodecyl sulfate or polysorbates that can be mixed to generate firm oil and water bounded smooth chemical solution – Self Emulsifying Wax.

If you want to know about the components of Self Emulsifying wax, We can give you some information of NF – Polysorbate 60, Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG-150 Stearate, and Steareth-20. This wax has particulars of both- cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol that can provide viscosity effect to produce thicker and stable emulsions.

How Self Emulsifying Wax can be utilized in many lotions and cremes This query can be sorted out by its interesting property – hydrophilic and hydrophobic nature at the same time. As it can be utilized at molecular level, it can induce water and oil particles because of its unique architecture.

As its some part can attract oil and some part sock up water easily. This self emulsifying wax can effectively penetrate in the skin and fulfill your skin with moisture.

Now, If you think to buy Self Emulsifying wax from standard chemical manufacturer company, then this is the perfect destination you have come!! GUJCHEM is a leading company that can provide different types of Self Emulsifying wax, like GUJCHEM WE (Non Ionic / AO Wax),

GUJCHEM NI (Non Ionic / Wax AO), GUJCHEM NF (Non Ionic / Was AO), GUJCHEM WEA (Anionic), GUJCHEM SX (Anionic and many more.

If you are thinking about the quality of Wax, Then you need not bother because you are in safe hands of experienced and technically advanced chemical manufacturers. They offer you affordable price for qualitative products as per your requirements.

To get more details regarding Self Emulsifying wax products, You can visit

Source By: Gujarat Chemicals.


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