Cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylate

Cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylate are biodegradable nonionic surfactants composed of ethylene oxide adduct of CetostearylLiquor.

Cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylates are white waxy solids/ flakes, relying on the level of ethoxylation

Cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylates approximately 9 Moles are water dispersible. The high-mole ethoxylates more than 10 moles & above often are dissolvable in water & likewise dissolvable in many Polar solvents

Generally, with increase in the ethylene oxide chain connected to CetostearylAlcohol hydrophobe increases the HLB value (water solubility), put point, cloud factor, quality, thickness, and also flash point of the ethoxylate.

Cetostearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate (C16-18 Liquor ethoxylate) is also referred to as Ceteareth, alpha-Cetostearyll-omega-hydroxy-poly (oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), Cetostearyl Alcoholic beverages Ethoxylated, Polyoxyethylene CetostearylLiquor, Polyethylene Glycol CetostearylEther. Cetostearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate is white, ceraceous as well as solid/flake based upon the ethoxylation. Greater than 10 mole ethoxylate is water soluble and also can dissolve in polar solvents. It is biodegradable surfactants with non-ionic property.

Cetostearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate is widely utilized in various industrial applications in fabric, pharmaceutical, chemical and farming field. These surfactants are utilized as wetting agents, emulsifiers, area cleaning solutions, metalworking and also leather handling factories.

Cetostearyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol or cetylstearyl alcoholic beverages is a mix of fatty liquors, being composed primarily of cetyl and stearyl alcohols and also is classified as a fatty alcoholic beverages. It is made use of as an emulsion stabilizer, opacifying agent, as well as foam improving surfactant, in addition to an aqueous and also nonaqueous viscosity-increasing rep.

Cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylate is made use of for protecting against excess evaporation of lakes, ponds and also dams and therefore triggers significant losses of rainwater harvesting. This dissipation resistant is marketed by the name evaloc.

Application and Dosage

You are requested to refer your Chemtex rep for informing you the very best dosage or application technique.

Managing actions and also preventative measures

Appropriate human safety and security products such as Sprinkle safety glasses, laboratory layer, vapor respirator, gloves and boots must be worn while dealing with and applying chemicals. Splashes on skin must be cleaned off with water right away. In case of splashing right into the eyes, flush it with fresh water and also acquire medical interest. Must not be infused. Kindly refer MSDS for more specifics.

Storage space

This product needs to be kept in original containers in great and completely dry location, away from sources of warmth, flame and direct sunlight. Please refer Technical Data Sheet, Label as well as MSDS for even more information and shelf life.

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Article Source: gujchem.


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