Fatty alcohol ethoxylates uses

Fatty alcohol ethoxylates

Fatty alcohol ethoxylates are made by reacting Gujchem all-natural mid-cut alcoholic beverages (CO-1214) with Ethylene Oxide (EO). Alcohol Ethoxylates are non-ionic surfactants that are regularly used for hand meal liquids, shampoos, lathering control reps, fabric applications, as well as various other specialized surfactants.

Gujchem offerings may be somewhat different around the globe to fulfill local laws as well as client needs. Kindly speak with your Account Executive or closest Gujchem local workplace to validate availability of items to serve your needs.

Gujchem has different varieties of Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates like Lauryl Alcoholic beverages Ethoxylate, lauryl alcohol ethoxylate, decyl alcohol ethoxylate, tridecyl alcohol ethoxylate, cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylate — Cetreth, cetyl alcohol ethoxylate, Stearyl stearyl alcohol ethoxylate, behenyl alcohol ethoxylate as well as Oleyl Liquor Ethoxylate having wide range of applications in different sectors such as pharmaceutical, automobile, emulsion polymerization, paint, agrochemical and also various other industries. Customer is request to send in their particular mole demand in order to discuss the specifications and also other information

Gujchem are alkyl poly glycol ethers stemmed from a variety of straight and branched chain and also primary alcohol, second and also oxo alcohol which are below. Minimal participants are likewise available based upon alternate alcoholics beverages, based on business quantities.

Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates (FAE) are non-ionic environmentally friendly and “eco-friendly” surfactants mostly utilized in detergents, personal treatment e.g. for shampoo, along with for textile and natural leather processing.

Fatty Alcoholic beverages Ethoxylate is a clear liquefied element based upon the elements Fatty Alcoholic beverages (FA) from the oleochemical chain and Ethylene Oxide (EO) from the petrochemical chain. The focus of HELM is on all-natural based FA generated from palm kernel oil or coconut oil with different carbon chains and EO compositions. Due to the large experience in the area of surfactants and the structured supply chain of HELM it is feasible to supply a high quality product at competitive rates from common sources/ beginnings in common sort of packaging.

Instances of applications

Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates are made use of as difficult surface area cleaner, for sulphonation to Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphates (SLES), detergents, cleaners, dishwashing, individual care e.g. shower gel as well as hair shampoo, cosmetics, leather as well as textile handling as well as in the area of paints as well as farming.

We additionally have a package of alkoxylated alcohols. These are alcoholics beverages which have been partially ethoxylated as well as propoxylated. These block polymers are low-foaming and also in a lot of cases secure in a very alkaline atmosphere.

For each application, we could provide a suitable non-ionic surfactant… Environmental Liquids fatty alcohol ethoxylates (FAE’s) are nonionic surfactants created by the polyoxyethylene response of a linear, branched, key, additional, or oxo alcoholic’s beverages. The alcoholic beverages framework, likewise called the lipophilic tail or alkyl chain, consist mostly of an alkyl chain varying from 6-22 carbon atoms. The efficiency features of the EF FAE Collection products are established by the alkyl chain length and degrees of ethoxylation used in the reaction process.

EF FAE Series products vary from clear fluids to waxy solids, depending upon the alkyl chain length and the variety of oxyethylene teams existing. The size of the alkyl chain length modifies the lipophile (oil soluble) properties of the surfactant. As opposed to that, the levels of ethoxylation (moles of EO) influence the solubility (water soluble) performance. For more technical support in choosing the best EF FAE item for your wanted application, please contact us at sales@efmaterials.com.

The broad variety of items, which is adapted very individually to your particular requirements, is based upon short- to lengthy- chained (C4 to over C20), direct (indigenous as well as Ziegler), primarily direct (oxo-) and branched (iso-, Guerbet), saturated as well as un- saturated liquors, integrated with the precise setting of the desired degree of ethoxylation. Alone or in mix with other types of surfactants, our alcoholic ethoxylates can be utilized in a large number of applications: as emulsifiers, in plant protection solutions as well as in steel working, in fabric auxi- liaries, in gloss, paints and also finishes, as distributing agents, in cleaning agents, and so on. You profit from this adaptability in the item range as well as you could get ethoxylates specific to your requi- rements from 1000 kilograms.

Article Source: http://www.gujchem.com/products-groups/fatty-alcohol-ethoxylates-3.html


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