Fatty Amine Ethoxylates


Gujchem’s products in the fatty amine ethoxylates group consist of oleyl amine ethoxylate and coco amine ethoxylate, and are marketed under the AMINOX series.

Fatty amine ethoxylates discover application as dye leveling and also wetting brokers in textile solutions and cleaning agents. They are likewise used as emulsifiers in pesticide formulations.

The firm supplies custom-made moles as well as products to meet customer-specific requirements.

Just what are Fatty Amine Ethoxylates as well as where are they Made use of?

Fatty amine ethoxylates are nonionic surfactants made use of as wetting and dispersing brokers, stabilizers, sanitizers and also deforming brokers in numerous markets such as fabric, paper, drilling, chemical, paint, steel and so on. The fatty amine ethoxylates are made use of as emulsifiers and could additionally be utilized in formulation of emulsifier blends. They play a vital role as emulsifiers in agrochemical sectors, cleaners in commercial processes especially in steel sector, oil field chemicals, material conditioners, oil additives as well as for applications in fabric and leather handling, paper de-inking, mining & drilling.

Just how are Fatty Amines Ethoxylates Formulated?

Production of fatty amine ethoxylates items happens when the amines like amino acids, tallow amine ethoxylate, oleyl amine ethoxylate, coco amine, stearyl amine ethoxylate etc are made to react when it comes to ethylene oxide in visibility of a driver in ethoxylation process. Fatty amines are nitrogen by-products of fatty acid ethoxylates, olefins, or alcohols prepared from all-natural sources, fats and oils, or petrochemical raw materials. The commercially available fatty amines are readied by either distillation of fatty acids or when fatty alcoholics’ beverages are reacted with ammonia or main, secondary amines.


  • Manufactured in modern reactor which is currently proven center in India.
  • The plant is operated under supervision of devoted technological team who has extensive encounter in taking care of E.O, which makes sure consistent high quality.
  • Verified innovation when it comes to high pureness, reduced colour & smell meeting Indian, Global requirements.
  • Huge capacities to meet bulk requirements
  • Fatty Amine Ethoxylates based upon coco-amine, lauryl, oleyl amines etc. find significant application as dye leveling, moistening brokers in fabric formulations & cleaning agents.
  • They are additionally utilized an emulsifier in pesticide solutions.
  • Product Range: Oleyl Amine Ethoxylate, Coco Amine Ethoxylate, under trademark name of SBOA & COCA collection.
  • We could tailor make particular moles & products as each client needs.

Gujchems produces a large range of ethoxylated ether amines as well as fatty amine ethoxylates. These amines have actually been responded when it comes to various quantities of ethylene oxide to modify emulsification, surface strain, solubility and also cationic ability. Several of the more preferred uses of the E-Series items are: acid enlarging, cleaning agent boosting and textile processing helps.

Article Source: www.gujchem.com/products-groups/fatty-amine-ethoxylates-2.html


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